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Three problems film lovers and filmmakers face

1. 13,000+ films produced each year and yet people still can’t find anything to watch.
2. Only big budget movies receive the marketing dollars to attract an audience.
3. Financing films is harder than ever.

Filmocracy solves them all. It rewards users for watching and reviewing independent films and creates the most accurate database of film ratings ever. It’s an environment that helps users discover hidden gems and allows them to reinvest their rewards into future projects.

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Marketing films is expensive and Robert Downey Jr. is too busy being Iron Man to star in your $1 million film with tons of heart. So we're building a platform that let's the cream rise to the top. The best films are the best films regardless of who's in them--they just need a place to be seen.


Explore and help curate content from the top film festivals, edgy distributors, and unknown filmmakers. Discover the visionaries of tomorrow.

50% for filmmakers

Income from membership fees is divided amongst all the minutes viewed on the site.

10% for reviewers

A portion of our membership fees goes to our top reviewers. 100,000 users = $100,000 in prizes every month.

The Future

Our next step is to build a new film financing ecosystem where users can reinvest their rewards into projects they believe in.


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We're partnering up with the best film festivals and distributors in the world to bring you the best films you've never had access to. Our partners include FilmHub, The Monthly Film Festival, Film Independent, and Film Movement.


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